By mimicking nature, we can eliminate nearly all of our waste (and save lots of money in the process). 

In the beginning, I started learning a whole bunch of useful skills such as how to make my own wine, how to preserve food, I learned the medicinal properties of plants I used to think were weeds in my own backyard. I started my own garden.  I installed rain barrels to harvest the free rain my gutters collect.  I began to juice the vegetables I grew.  What I was left with was the pulp and a need to create compost for my garden.  Then I discovered vermicomposting aka a worm bin.  I feed the worms the left over pulp from my juicing and in return they produce the best compost ever!  Waste to Resources.  It felt good to use the by product of one thing as an input to create something else useful, just like the Native Americans did.  Maybe they were on to something?  It was unbelievably fulfilling!   I was hooked on the notion of closed loop sustainability!  Then I found out about Aquaponics, another closed loop system, where fish waste feeds the plants and in return the plants filter out the fish's water.  The only input into the system is fish food.  Any ideas on what I could feed them?  Remember that worm bin?  Brilliant!!!   I started making these connections left and right.  Everything seemed to have a purpose.  All I had to do was look at and examine nature to understand this.  "How did we ever get so removed from nature!?," I asked myself.