Back when I was first learning about re-skilling and reconnecting with the land, I found a new friend with similar interests who mentioned to me that she was taking a "PDC" which apparently stood for Permaculture Design Course.  Perma-what??!  (<----CLICK HERE) I thought to myself.  Thanks to researching via trusty Google and what I like to call "YouTube University,"  I had another "Ah-Ha!" moment.   Everything I was doing on my own had a name!  It was called Permaculture!   Less than a month later I was taking my own PDC.   Right about now you might be say to yourself: "Perma-what??!" (<----CLICK HERE)  just as I did.   Permaculture is the easy answer to all our complicated problems! 

In its essence, Permaculture is a celebration of being human.  A celebration of being human within a bountiful environment.  If we truly understand how to build a sustainable relationship with what's around us then it becomes a endless paradise.  It's about understanding the interrelationships within nature and in turn becoming an ambassador to those relationships .  We are the only big brained species on this planet that have the power to create or destroy willingly.  With Permaculture, creating becomes much more desirable, more self-benefiting, and more self-fulfilling.

My Permaculture mentor, Bill Wilson, discusses Midwest Permaculture and their Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course. For more information on courses, workshops and permaculture visit