John Deere made the first steel plow right? WRONG!

It's a common story throughout time!  

Humanitarian creates something great for humanity with no expectation of compensation.... and then some savvy businessman decides to steal the idea, patent it, and get filthy rich!  

  • Antonio Meucc vs Alexander Graham Bell
  • Nikola Tesla vs Guglielmo Marconi
  • Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison
Wow!  Nikola Telsa got screwed over... A LOT!
  • Louis Le Prince vs Thomas Edison
  • Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville vs Thomas Edison
Wow!   Thomas Edison was kind of a dick!  

Today, we will cover the first steel plow which people attribute to John Deere.   However, Deere copied the design from an Illinois humanitarian named John Lane!

Deere's family is rolling in dough, while the current caretakers of the historic John Lane Farm are struggling to preserve their historic barn!







I came to realize that in today's world, while most of us are experts at our prospective jobs, we really are dependent on technology, buying things, and disposing those things to buy more things.  Convenience: it is a blessing and a curse all the same. 

We live in a time period in human history where we are provided luxurious conveniences that no King, Queen, Pharaoh, or Emperor have ever experienced.  Think about that for just a minute!  Do you realize how incredibly fortunate we are to be living in this era of human existence filled with technological advancements and convenience?!   Can you imagine a life without electronics?  From listening to people talk live through the radio, to seeing people on color television, personal computers, navigation systems, talking to one another through thin air on your cordless phone, Oh yeah... how could we forget about The Internet!  I'm sure most people you ask on the street would have a hard time even attempting to explain how those technologies even work!  And conveniently, all of those very technologies conveniently fit in your pocket on your now outdated model of your iPhone!  We got it Good! ...So why is it that we still feel so unsatisfied even though we have all this STUFF?

 All of the technology on this 1991 RadioShack ad is on your outdated iPhone.  

All of the technology on this 1991 RadioShack ad is on your outdated iPhone.  

Children seem to be little Einsteins, don't they?   Even toddlers seemingly are experts with an iPad in their hands.   Perhaps that is only because they are skilled at instant gratification.  They've learned that by crying they can get food, attention, and diaper changes.   It's a simple mindset of knowing how to get instant gratification with a touch of a button.   Unfortunately, this is society's collective mindset today.   Seriously though,  with Amazon PRIME you can literally order something online and have it delivered across the country to your doorstep within two days time!   

This is the society that these children are growing up in and it is sad.  They aren't being taught basic life skills anymore!   Don't believe me?   Watch the below video of these school children completely oblivious to what naturally grown fresh food looks like or where it comes from:


By mimicking nature, we can eliminate nearly all of our waste (and save lots of money in the process). 

In the beginning, I started learning a whole bunch of useful skills such as how to make my own wine, how to preserve food, I learned the medicinal properties of plants I used to think were weeds in my own backyard. I started my own garden.  I installed rain barrels to harvest the free rain my gutters collect.  I began to juice the vegetables I grew.  What I was left with was the pulp and a need to create compost for my garden.  Then I discovered vermicomposting aka a worm bin.  I feed the worms the left over pulp from my juicing and in return they produce the best compost ever!  Waste to Resources.  It felt good to use the by product of one thing as an input to create something else useful, just like the Native Americans did.  Maybe they were on to something?  It was unbelievably fulfilling!   I was hooked on the notion of closed loop sustainability!  Then I found out about Aquaponics, another closed loop system, where fish waste feeds the plants and in return the plants filter out the fish's water.  The only input into the system is fish food.  Any ideas on what I could feed them?  Remember that worm bin?  Brilliant!!!   I started making these connections left and right.  Everything seemed to have a purpose.  All I had to do was look at and examine nature to understand this.  "How did we ever get so removed from nature!?," I asked myself.

One Second After

I read an amazing novel that changed my perspective on the world!  It further made me realize how common skills and knowledge of basic living has been lost by our dependence on technology.  This book, One Second After, is a realistic look into our potential future.  In the novel, there was an attack on the United States by way of an EMP, an electrical magnetic pulse, that completely decimates and literally fries everything that has a microchip. EVERYTHING! Yes, even automobiles!  That means no trucks to deliver the food to the supermarkets and restaurants that do not have electricity or refrigeration.  There goes those novel conveniences we are so dependent on!  Sounds like science fiction, ay?   Unfortunately, it is all to real: An EMP is created when a nuke is detonated overhead in the atmosphere.  Similarly, a massive solar flare from the Sun can also do the same damage.  In any event, the book illustrates how fast society would implode.  There was massive die offs starting with people reliant on medical care within hospitals and nursing homes.  People with seemingly normal medical conditions such as diabetes died without production and refrigeration of their insulin.  It became perfectly apparent that we currently do not know how to survive without the conveniences we are so dependent on. The characters in the novel became desperate without food to feed themselves and their children.  What would you do to feed your children?  Scary stuff to think about indeed!  It was a real eye opener!  I then realized that it wouldn't even take something this catastrophic to shatter the thin veneer of civility that we take for granted.  I was sickened to come to the realization that even with my fancy degrees, I didn't know or understand the essentials!  I asked myself: "Without shopping at a grocery store, would I know how to provide food for my family?  If I was lucky enough to hunt and kill an animal in desperate times, would I know how to process it?  Would I know how to start a fire without a lighter?   Without a prescription from the pharmacy, would I know how to overcome illness and injury?"  I felt inadequate as a person, as a man, as a human.  How and why did we allow ourselves to become so dependent on the system?

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